Is It Blood That Drips Out From Fresh Meat?

There is a common experience that we all have, whenever we go to a local butcher to buy meat. After buying the fresh meat, on your way back, you will notice some red liquid or rather fluid dripping out of the meat. Have you had that experience before? I myself have had it severally.

Have you ever given a second thought as to whether that red liquid/fluid is safe or not? Is it blood or what? Considering the fact that animal diseases could be in blood, is it safe?

What actually then is that red liquid/fluid?

Let me start by saying categorically that the red fluid that drips from fresh red meat is NOT BLOOD.

This liquid can be likened to haemoglobin in human blood, and it contains a red pigment as well called Myoglobin.

Just like haemoglobin gives the human blood its red colour (due to the presence of iron), myoglobin gives meat its dark red colour pigment.

This liquid or fluid as you may like to call it, that drips out of the meat is actually contain water, sarcoplasm and trace amounts of myoglobin. Just like haemoglobin, this myoglobin also contains iron which is responsible for the dark brown colour of meat at the outside and grey colour inside.

It is important to note that Myoglobin is not found in the blood stream of animals. It is only when an animal sustains a deep muscle injury that myoglobin is found in the blood stream of animals.

When animals are slaughtered, most of the blood goes out and only a small amount is left. Animals like mammals (cattles, goats, sheep etc) have more myoglobin and that is why they are called red meat.

On the other hand, animals like chicken have very little small amount of myoglobin , and that is why they are less red and hence called “white meat”.

That is to say that, the more myoglobin a meat has, the more red the meat is.

In conclusion therefore, the liquid or fluid that drips from fresh red meat is not blood but rather it is myoglobin and most of it are lost when you cook the meet.

Therefore, it is safe to consume when cooked in food.

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Why Red Meet Is Not Good For Your Health


Red meat has been widely believed to be unhealthy to human as it contains “bad” (saturated) fat.
Of a truth, fat plays an important role in every healthy diet. Fat helps provide a source of energy as well as essentail
faty acids for humans. However, there are different types of fat present in the foods we eat. The fats can either be “good” fats or “bad” fats.
The good fats are also called unsaturated fats while the bad fats are called unsaturated fats. The “bad” saturated fatsleads to increased cholesterol.
These bad saturated fats are mainly found in red meat and lots of prepared foods like pork pies and pizzas.

Below are the five reasons why you should cut down on your intake of red meat:

1) It hardens your blood vessels: Eating red meat hardens blood vessels because red meat contains a compound called carnitine which causes the hardening or clogging of the arteries which ultimately leads to high blood pressure and other heart related diseases.

2) It can lead to Lower Lifespan: Eating too much of red meat can reduce one’s life span. Studies have shown an association or a link with red meat consumption and increased risk of a shortened lifespan.
Eating healthier protein sources such as fish, poultry, nuts and legumes was associated with lower risk of death.

3) It increases the risk of diabetes: Eating red or processed meat can over time, increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. We should therefor cut down on our intake of red meat to stay healthier.
Diets rich in animal products contribute to the increased risk incidence of obesity as well as type 2 diabetes.

4) Red meat can be a risk to your brain: Red meat puts your brain at risk since it contains a whole lot of iron which when eaten or consumed in excess, can raise levels of iron in the brain and may increase the risk of developing a brain disease called Alzheimer.
When iron accumulates in the brain, myelin (a fatty tissue that coats nerve fibers) is destroyed, and this disrupts communication and signs of Alzheimer appears.

5) Red meat contains harmful hormones: Hormones added to red meat boost breast cancer. Researchers believe the hormones or hormone-like compounds in red meat increases cancer risk by attaching to specific hormone receptors on the tumors.

We should therefor make some changes to our eating habit especially as it concerns red meat. Let’s bring down the quantity and frequency at which we eat red meat down to minimum. We should avoid too much red meat as though our lives depends on it.

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